Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekend Started....

Weekend time is always a fun time relaxing time for me especially after kids as my Dad and brother Manas came home earlier, so I can spend some time for myself, otherwise kids never left me alone.
Today I am planning to wash my hair, after Shourya and Naksh I hardly found time for myself and the result of this my skin become dry and hair fall too. But today I decided pamper myself. Today is a mom pampering day.

Pampering yourself is always makes you feel special and happy. My kids Shourya and Naksh are growing up, their activities are increasing and both had a sleep for short while in day time. This is disturbing my daily exercise, well no issues their habits are changing every month, just hoping this will change soon.

All moms agree with this that after kid’s mom doesn’t have a routine, but this is the special time to cherish your motherhood too.

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