Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Air Freshener For Shourya & Naksh Room..

I am pretty much air freshener freak. I always use air freshener in my bedroom, but after being mom I realize that babies are very sensitive towards strong smell, so this question always come to my mind is it safe to put on air freshener in their room? If not, is there any alternate solution?? And so on.

After being mom my bedroom was filled with different kind of mixed smell, smell of babies napkins, wet cloth, their diapers and the cherry on a cake it was rainy season so all the rooms smell wet too, as wet cloth spreading everywhere and as my babies were very small so I have to sit in my room for whole day and night.

So I decide to use Ambi pur room freshener in my room, but before that I consult my doctor and make sure it is safe for babies, I am always very careful about my babies health whether they should not developed any kind of allergies coz of room fresheners but my doctor told me that its completely safe for babies. Then I use Ambi pur room freshener in my room and just like magic happen all the bad smell was gone. I feel very refreshing in my room now. Good smell make you relax and regenerate your body and mind. This is my memories of smelly to smiley.

My this post is for the Indiblogger’s “SmellyTo Smiley!” contest in associate with AmbiPur


  1. Thanks for sharing u r experience as new mom I am also facing the same problem. My daughter is 1 month old and I was looking for freshener which is safe for babies. For sure I will try this product. Thanks a lot

  2. Nice post and good luck for the contest...
    But, I think we should not use air-fresheners in babies' rooms; the strong smells might affect them. Also, the contents of whatever you're spraying... Maybe you could use the product in an adjoining room...?

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