Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wake up Time....

Wake up Time….. Shourya and Naksh wake-up time change every day and with their time my routine also change. Every mom facing this phase. Sleep is very much important for babies, I am always very careful about Shourya and Naksh sleep. I always make sure both Shourya and Naksh have their afternoon nap. Growth hormones stimulate more when baby sleep.

My babies Shourya and Naksh looking so cute when they sleep. They are just angel when they laugh in their dreams. I schedule Shourya and Naksh routine and try to follow it. I wake up my son’s at about 7 am, then make sure both of them awake and active for two hours before allowing them nap no longer than 45 minutes. When both wake up I take them to bath, feed them and again a nap time but this time is up to 2 hour. Then again feed them, some fresh fruit juice , some vegetable soup then they go out for evening walk or evening car round with my Dad and after that  they play till late evening  and had their milk and go to the bed. As shourya and Naksh one year old now so they won’t get up in night, both enjoy their nighttime sleep, and wake up fresh with smile in the morning.

But this is not happen always as always sometimes both behave like cranky babies; it’s difficult for me to make them calm down.

Few days back when Naksh was not well and wake up at the late night the time was 3 am and sleep at 7 am in morning, I hold him in my arms and had a walk continually in a bedroom. Whenever I stop or sit on a bed he started crying. That night was really long.

After being mommee I learn one thing that “Parenting isn’t a practice, it’s a daily learning experience”.


  1. Sweet post and loads of love to your sweetie pies

    Sangeetha Menon

  2. Thanks Sangeetha Menon your site is wonderful.. keep it up

  3. Thanks a lot Kaaliya congrats for twins. How old your babies are. U also going through this phase I guess u also loved it.. Good luck.. :)