Sunday, August 11, 2013

Being Stay @ Home Mom...

Since from my childhood I heard that being stay at home mom is the easiest job, even my parent brought me up with this thought that one day I will get married, have a kids, look after my home, my kids that’s all.

No job, in fact my father told me that it’s very difficult to manage home and office, that time I just laugh and tell them you people were not at all ambitious, but after kids I realize that he was also not wrong.  Here at my mom’s place I have very supportive family than also it’s difficult to manage shourya and Naksh and as they were growing old it’s been tougher.

Every day I think is this an end of my carrier, when will I get chance to work again or I just been a housewife for the rest of my life. So many questions running in my mind and I am not able to find the answer.

Sometimes I ask myself do I really love being stay @ home mom, and I got the answer when my babies Shourya and Naksh come to me, hug me, hold me, both are my world now, that time I feel I love this job, Job of Being Mom of Shourya and Naksh.

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