Sunday, April 14, 2013

One night without electricity...

The title sound really very funny but it’s true. Yesterday night there is power failure at our place, actually in the evening unexpectedly rain was started with wind and lightning and cherry on the cake power failure, our inverter is on repairing, then my only worry is my babies, Shourya and Naksh. This is the first time Shourya and Naksh actually in the darkness, usually I had not even switch off the light in the night but now this situation is out of my control.
We heard that the MSEB two tower was broke down due to rain and the rain was continue so there is no repairing had done. We have no option left just to wait. At the starting Shourya and Naksh quite enjoying this but gradually both were losing their temper.
As weather was pretty cold coz of rain so both Shourya and Naksh had a sound sleep. When next day the power came both actually scream a lot and cheer, express their joy, this way the dark night over and once again light come to enlighten our lives. Thanks Mom, Dad my bro MANAS who help me to manage my naughty twins. Love u Shourya and Naksh for showing lot of patients and being good boys.

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