Thursday, December 24, 2015

#DoYourHomeWork - Plan a bright future for your bright Child!

As a mom of twin’s toddlers, I can easily relate myself with this word “HOME WORK”. And whole day I continuously screaming on them babies Do Your Home Work. Yesterday my elder son Shourya come to me and repeats my sentence adding “Mumma Do your Home Work”. 

I remember before having kids how casually I was using this idioms #DoYourHomeWork on everyone around me. My friends, my family member and specially my Hubby, anyone of them did any mistake; I immediately caught them and tell them this wills not happen to you if do your home work. Proper planning saves you.

Motherhood is a very emotional responsibility and I like to mention here a financial responsibility too.  As a mother it is my responsibility to encourage my kids to explore fields of their choice with confidence. As a parent I want to share this with other parents also that our kids have innumerable career choices. Whatever they choose to be, we need to be prepared both emotionally and financially.

As a young Mom now it’s my turn to do my home work.  So I start planning today and take one step closer to securing my child’s future.  Recently I come across this New Investor Education Awareness Campaign by Axis Mutual fund. Their goal is to make parents aware about children's aspiration and how to plan for child's future.

Axis Mutual Fund team have done a lot of research on how parents plan for their child's future and after meeting so many parents they come to this conclusion that many parents are not having exact idea about how much education would cost in near future. While some parents still wants their children to choose conventional career to have a secure and safe future. So being a parent we actually need to do our home work and help our child to chase his or her dream.

#DoYourHomework, check this site,  they have information about many career options that kids have today, the education courses around them as well as a calculator that will help you to understand the financial plan for your child. There is a little treat for your youngster as well in terms of story books and activity sheets that can be downloaded easily.

As parents we all say this to our children “Be who you want to be, the world is an open playground. Go, win the world”!

For more info please watch this video #DoYourHomeWork

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