Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Amazon Kindle For Kids.....

I am a voracious reader and mother of twins too, so my hubby called it a dangerous combination !!! (Ha-Ha-Ha) Well I am not agree with him. I love reading that's why I am blogger by choice. I always pray to God please my babies must inherit this habit from me (finger cross).

My toddler growing so fast, both Shourya and Naksh are in Nursery now, this is exact time to introduce them to books and specially reading. I am tech savvy Mom, and always search for a good gadgets for my naughty kids, which help them to learn fast.

I am a shopaholic too, and Amazon is one of the best and trusted site for online shopping. Today I stumbled upon a very wonderful gadget Amazon Kindle For Kids. It quickly catch my attention and I check its features.  All-new attractive design is thinner and lighter, and now available in two color of black or white. Long lasting battery life. No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets, easy on your child eyes, just like like real paper.  Shop Kindle for Kids Bundle and #StartAStory . A mom recommendation......

Amazon specially designed with Kids in Mind. Kids can read books in a simple way. For example, kids can search before they know how to type by using Characters – for example, tap on images for “Dinosaurs”, “Monkey”, “Cinderella, or “fish.”

One more feature which I like the most is parent can choose and approve the contents. So parents can have peace of mind that kids won’t access inappropriate content or websites. A complete parental control. With this amazing Amazon Kindle Free Time, kids can track their reading progress for each book and also earn achievement badges for reaching milestones.

Features like Word Wise and Vocabulary Builder support real-time vocabulary development, which means kids can read more challenging books. Kids can adjust the text size. Also share library with family and friends.

sometimes “Oops” happens.....

As a mother of naughty twins, this feature is just like a blessing. I have no need to worries if Shourya and Naksh drop it. Or spill some liquid on it. Kindle comes with 2-year extended warranty, include water damage. It comes with kid-friendly cover. This cover guard its screen from scratches.

Here I want to share my experience  with all of you. I remember the day when I Shourya and Naksh both sit on my lap and I started reading a story of Mogali a famous character from Jungle Book series. Just a few days back we all saw a movie and both are very excited to read the same story. Both listen to me very carefully, ask me question about it. It was very special MeTime with my adorable kids.

Technical Details of Amazon Kindle

Display Screen and Size  : Optimized font technology, 16-level gray scale with size 6.7" x 4.7" x 0.40" (169 mm x 119 mm x 10.2 mm)

Weight : 6.7 ounces (191 grams)

System Requirements: Fully wireless and doesn't require a computer to download content

On-Device Storage and Cloud Storage: 4 GB; holds thousands of books and Free cloud storage for all Amazon content

Battery :  A single charge lasts up to four weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless.

Support Wi-Fi Connectivity.

Best gift for your little bundle of joy.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Catch Up on Lost Growth in Kids !!!

As a mother of twins I always worried about by babies growth.  Both of my Boys Shourya and Naksh are blessed with fussy eating habits with completely different likes and dislikes. Well jokes apart like any other parent my main concern is to feed them nutritious complete food.

As a mother I also grow up with my Shourya and Naksh, with the time I learn to deal fussiness positively. As a mother I want to develop good eating habits in them so they can have healthy childhood and #CatchUpOnGrowth.

Its very important to visit the doctors regularly and ask for healthy diet for kids, as a parents we have to make this habit and follow this routine since the child born. Having a healthy food and complete diet is a new milestone in child development.

Shourya and Naksh both are in Nursery, when I go to their school to pick them up and see them  playing with their classmates, suddenly some questions comes in my mind Is my child lighter in weight , shorter in height than other kids?? This types of questions continuously hit in my mind.
As a mother I know no child in the world grows at a perfectly steady rate throughout the period of childhood.

My Pediatric a told me that child’s growth is an important indicator of his overall well-being. And every parent must keep a regular watch on child’s normal physical as well as mental growth is extremely important.

Recently I come across a growth plus calculator. This is very easy to use and helpful for all the young parents to track how your child is growing. They were show you a chart of your child growth and we can also download that chart. This is the link.

What are the main cause of slower growth in kids?

There are so many reason of slow growth in child, some of them may be completely risk-free as some kids will catch the growth when they get older. They gain weight and their height also increase.
However, there are some other serious reasons for the slower growth of the kids. It may certain disease which affects liver or digestive system or poor nutrition. In some cases it may be hereditary that kids body is not making enough growth hormone, which is responsible for making them grow tall .

But, the most common reason among the above is that the meal time is not a very pleasant experience for both kids and parents, it became a battlefield for them. Young and new mom don’t know how to handle this and became panic.

What exactly we need to do to Catch Up On Growth?

Horlicks Growth Plus - with 23 vital growth nutrients - is a great addition to your child’s daily breakfast routine. Giving Horlicks at breakfast time leaves you reassured that you have provided your children with a great start to the day! As a parents we all know the importance of breakfast for a child to start a day. A morning meal with complete nutrients helps child physical and mental development.

Pediatric Experts say children need more protein than adults for proper growth. Insufficient protein i may lead to slower growth in kids. So, proper diet rich with proteins is extremely important for the child.

Involve your child in cooking, I am sure just like my Shourya and Naksh so many kids would love to prepare their breakfast. This year I create a kitchen garden in my house backyard and plant some veggies there, off course Shourya and Naksh love gardening too. Both love to see their small plants now  grow  into vegetables.