Wednesday, May 8, 2013

And the Dadda Come…

After 5 month Shourya and Naksh dadda came to see all of us. It was full masti time, and for me shopping time. I had a huge list coz last 4-5 month I had not bought anything for myself. As I don’t get time for shopping and I put on some weight after delivery so I usually avoid shopping, but now this is the right time to do this.

My hubby is very caring and loving father, he was with us for 1 week and he spends whole time with babies. I don’t need to worry at all as their dadda is there.

We had shop lot of things for kids and for me also, but only half of the list had been covered….. Ha ha ha….. Rest is for next time. When my hubby is with me really feel like family is complete.

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