Saturday, May 11, 2013

My B’day with Shourya and Naksh…

This is my first b’day with shourya and Naksh, I am very happy and excited today. I planned a huge party for my b’day but as I told earlier also that we could not planned anything with babies, as they have their own plan… ha..ha..ha well jokes apart. But seriously we have to cancelled the party as Shourya and Naksh both not much comfortable with unknown people and started crying, so we only family member decided to celebrate my b’day @ home.

We all me, my hubby, Shourya, Naksh and my brother Manas go to the snacks corner, “FEASTA“, had a pizza, ice-cream and bought a cake for me. It was a fun evening with family. My eight month old babies also taste my b’day cake. We all laugh a lot when both actually enjoying the cake, naughty Naksh even ask for more.

One more hectic day has been over, tomorrow sun rise with new challenges.Thanks all.

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