Friday, August 23, 2013

Family Lunch....

Just had a wonderful family lunch. Actually we planning this family lunch from long time, few days back it was cancelled because Shourya and Naksh was not well, then my hubby cancelled his trip due to heavy rain in Chandrapur, then my brother Manas was busy then it was delay again, then my sis Shweta coming for rakhi so we again decide to go for lunch with some very close family friends. We went to the Veg Junction Restaurant near Warrora Naka square, Chandrapur.

I call my friends Anand, Amol, Renu, Maria, Namarata, Akanksha, Parul, Lakshmi, Ankush, Karan, Nikhil, Gaurav and we all family member Mom, Dad, my sis Shweta, my brother Manas, me and my two angel Shourya and Naksh.

Veg Junction Restaurant is really very nice and posh place to hangout. We decided to go for lunch as rain is continued in Chandrapur, but as we reach the restaurant rain started and all my friends came late till the time we ordered snacks. Till the time Shourya and Naksh was quite a good boys. My babies like the ambiance. After one hour all my friends comes, Naksh was not so comfortable with new faces, his cranky behavior was on top and the other hand Shourya was quite for some time but as my friends close to him he also started crying. So I hold him and started walking in the restaurant to make him calm down.  Sometimes it’s difficult to handle small babies at public places. We have to make them calm down and assure them that they are secure.
All my friends brought lots of gifts and flowers for Shourya and Naksh. My brother Manas order food for everyone. I can see everyone’s smiling faces, some friends cracking jocks, all the girls talking about makeup, dresses, nail arts and other girly topics. My brother Manas clicks the pictures. I also want to sit with them but because of babies can’t really do it, and then also I enjoy a lot. This lunch is most memorable and special lunch for me. I never forget it. Thanks a tan’s to my all wonderful friends because of them lunch was so special. I miss my hubby a lot. Once again Thanks everyone for coming.


  1. Looks like you guys had a pretty good time..Family Time is a time to cherish with all near and dear ones the ambience it create is really awesome..

  2. Oh yes.. keeping the toddlers calm in front of so many people is an uphill task.

    Seems like you had a good time.

    also, a good blog. nicely maintained. :)
    am surprised you find so much time and inclination to blog inspite of having 2 young kids at home :)

  3. Hello Harsha Yes we had a g8 time together, I always cherish the time with my dear once... :) thanks a lot....

  4. Hello Jigar thanks a lot for visiting my blog. Yes off course it is a difficult task to calm down toddlers in front of so many unknown people. But I am quite use to it... I am a passionate blogger, and I love this job, so whenever I get the time I write a post.. it is difficult to manage but I have a very supportive family... thanks.. :)

  5. Nice to hear that you people finally made the family outing. People are busy these days and organising one is really a task :)

  6. Hello Abhirat now a days its really difficult to arrange family meet up as everyone is really busy, but we somehow manage to do so. It's actually refresh all of us. Thanks... :)