Friday, August 23, 2013

Colorful gifts for Shourya and Naksh..

As a first b’day gift Shourya and Naksh receive very lovely gifts. All my friends, their Mama’s and Masi’s brought a very colorful gifts for them. Shourya and Naksh Akanksha Masi get a very beautiful dress for both, which has a pocket at front, both loved this dress a lot, once they wear it they just don’t want to get out from this dress.
Parul Masi also brought a T-shirts for Shourya and Naksh, but their creative Masi wrap the gift so beautifully, make a face with the help of small napkins, and then wrap it in a chocolate shape, I just love this idea. As Parul is very creative person so I am not so surprise and feel very proud of Parul’s creativity. Keep it up Parul.

Shourya and Naksh all Mama’s Ankush, Nikhil, Gaurav, Karan gift a playhouse. It’s very big and colorful too. As we don’t have big space at home so we packed it, but I love this gift. Actually I had a plan to have one for my babies but we get it as gift. Thanks all. This gift shourya and Naksh can use even they grow up. This is the fantastic idea to gift a play house.

Thanks to all Mama’s and Masi’s from Shourya and Naksh.