Thursday, February 28, 2013

First Word of my BABIES……

Its really so amazing to heard the first word of baby. Now my two son Shourya and Naksh started talking, they try to say few words, try to immited my talk. When I say I LOVE YOU then Shourya say I Uuuuuuuuu…………. And Naksh say I Oooooooooooooo…………………….

It just a pure music to my ears. When I say I LOVE YOU both respond immedialtly in their language.
Naksh is quite smart, when I ask him, “ Baby You have a big big eyes, he say Hooooooooo means YES, when I ask him, “ Baby you have a dimple smile, he say Hooooo, when I ask him, “ Baby you are super cute, he say Hoooo and so on……….

And what to say about Shourya, he actually behave like a grown up boy. And constantly say I Uuuuuuu to every one.

People say you don’t understand baby,s language, its difficult to know what was going on in their mind but after Being Mommee, I look in to my babies eyes and understand what they want. This is the magic of MOTHERHOOD....


  1. I can understand the feeling.Great moment indeed!


  2. People may not understand the babies language. But for mom ..... It is the SWEETEST language ever heard....

    Just enjoy the moment....lots of love to Shourya and Naksh