Monday, February 18, 2013

Shourya & Naksh Arrive……

Finally the big day came……. We all have no idea that on 29th July, exactly one month before my due date the baby will came…. but unfortunately in the evening my blood pressure was high and I was unconscious, my family and my doctor had to take the decision of C Section Operation….. I was completely unconscious and not even remember how my brother MANAS take me to the hospital and how the doctor operate me….. My Dad and My Hubby was not with me….. it’s a tough time for my family specially for my Mom.
I just remember the sound the cry of my baby….. I ask doctor is it baby BOY or baby GIRL…….
They told me that I had two baby BOYS….. It just awesome feeling .... top of the world….. I want to tell everyone that  the only sound more beautiful than a baby’s laugh….. is  a baby’s first cry….. I will remember that sound for the rest of my life.