Thursday, February 14, 2013

Got the Good News……

Last year on 22 nd DEC 2011, I got this good news that I am expecting a BABY….That day in morning I had a blood test and expected report in evening, whole day was so longing, I was counting every seconds. In the evening I go to the hospital..take a report..come out of the lab..sit in the corner chair and open the report…. 2 WEEK PREGNANT it written in bold letters, I was trying to calm myself..take a taxi and went to Thanawala Clinic, after 15 min waiting enter to the doctors cabin he confirm the news… I just cant express the feeling. I was happiness, joy… what not .. no words to express my happiness. Doctor cal me again after two week for my first sonography.
Immediately I reach home my darling hubby is waiting for me, I just hug him tightly and start crying, it was a tear of joy, he was feeling like a top of the world. I cal my Dad and tell him a good news then cal Mum too, and my Sis and Bro as well.. We celebrate this news with candle light dinner..
A Little Baby is inside you is just so awesome feeling. I touch my stomach and feel my baby. From that day my life change completely. I started taking extra care about my diet and my routine exercise.

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