Tuesday, February 26, 2013

first vaccination………

On 2nd Sept we take babies to the hospital for their first vaccination. My son’s are the most favorite among all the staff of the hospital, there is a huge crowd in hospital but as I have take prior appointment so I have no problem.

When we enter the doctor’s cabin he was very happy to my babies as their health was improving and they also gain wait.My shourya is really a brave boy, he was not at all cried much after injection, I told him “baby don’t cry” and he stop crying and Naksh was exactly opposite he cry a lot. When my baby cry they look so cute, both of them having different cry sound.

All mom should follow the complete vaccination cycle and do all precautionary test as per doctor suggest.
First vaccination experience was some how terrible and make tired too. Me and my son’s had spend whole day in hospital and after that when we came back home Shourya and Naksh both had a fever, both feel uneasy and weak, it sometimes difficult to manage both of them as they need me at the same time but no problem as you have a twins you will get double strength . My son’s make me very strong physically, mentally and emotionally.

Thank you so much Shourya and Naksh…… Love You.........

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