Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mum And Babies in Hospital……

As I have premature delivery so my babies was in incubator for a week and after that the actual struggle was started….. I have to feed my babies…… I have shoulder dislocation also at time of delivery so its quit difficult and painful for me to hold baby in my arms. I feel very guilty that I am not able to hold my cute little angle in my arms.

Now I remember those days and look at my babies…. Their innocent eyes and their pure touch it was so precious to me.

That time was really very tough for my Mom, Dad, my hubby and my brother. 24/7 my hubby was in hospital and taking care of three patient , me and our two babies.

My Dad was very worried about my health, he didn’t say anything but his eyes says all… thanks Dad…. You are the worlds best Dad.

Every day we all facing a new challenges whether its is feeding baby or their medicine, day were longing and night were sleepless. Now I think It was a nightmare. From that day I pray god just keep my babies healthy and nothing else.

When we got discharge from hospital that day we take this pic @ home........

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