Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shourya & Naksh now Four month old……

On 29th Nov 2012 my two son’s turn four month old. As I told u earlier also  that their habits and mood change week by week. My son’s are growing, with them I also grow as a person, my habits and mood also change week by week.

Today I am going for shopping, buying cloths for my kids with my rakhi brother PARIMAL. Its fun to shop for babies. Looking for romper suits for my kids and its not available in market, me and PARIMAL searching all the shops and finally I found it. I also bought some fancy jackets for Shourya and Naksh.

When I reach home my son’s become very happy. They like their new cloth, both of them scream, laughs and say I Uuuuuu and I Oooooo and hug me and made my DAY.

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