Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mom @ Gym

Right now I am going through my post pregnancy phase. After delivery I put on weight, my abdominal muscles become very loss and body is completely out of shape.

To maintain my weight and get back to my original shape I am going to the fitness center. My gym is close to my home, hardly 10 min walking distance. I am going there when Shourya and Naksh sleep.

Every day morning is very busy time for all moms I have to feed the both then their medicine, and then oil massage and I have to do this in limited time to do this as I have to reach the gym.

But for sure joining the gym is the correct decision. It helps me to increase my stamina and loss weight too. After delivery I feel very weak, I am not able even to switch on button for this simple task I need help. But after workout slowly and gradually my strength is increasing. I lose some weight and some inches too. Feel refresh whole day. Thanks to my gym trainer.

I would like to suggest all mom that they all must join gym, it will help you stay fit and you will enjoy with your kids. And when your children grow up they will proudly say that my mom is SUPER MOM…..

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  1. Regular exercise is must. Especially after pregnancy.

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