Monday, March 23, 2015

Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta...

I personally believe all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.  In the present lifestyle with so much of stress and work pressure, we need something solid to start our day.  So many people skipped their breakfast and as a result we get tired earlier than expected. Breakfast, the first and the most important component of a meal should not be skipped.

I have been curious to know the secret of Guptaji's energy, but couldn't find one. Well that’s true. The Gupta family is popular for their yummy breakfast which is full of varieties.  Credit goes to Shalu aka Mrs Gupta, the magical chef. Shalu can cook any variety of dishes with her just one magic ingredient: Kellogg's Cornflakes.

#KelloggsWaleGuptaji aks Gupta family is a four member family with Gattu ji aka Gupta ji being the man of the house. Along with his beautiful wife Shalu, and two kids, an elder cute teenage daughter Ritu, and the smarty Rohan, naughtier and younger.

I am a big big cornflakes fan.  This cornflakes is a stomach filling, rich with fiber yet so light meal. For me breakfast means Kellogg’s.  It simply sets my mood high and gets me going. I know only two ways to prepare cornflakes, one with Luke warm milk and other one with chilled milk which I use to have in summers. But did I just hear it right? Mrs. Shalu Gupta has over 100 recipes out of cornflakes? WOW!!! I can only exclaim.

The moment I heard about the variety in breakfasts happening at Gupta place, my heart was filled with lot of excitement. The Gupta family happily calls their breakfast regime “Anaaj Ka Nashta”

More than 100 varieties of Breakfast??? That means, I can eat a different dish every day...for seven weeks...and for over three Months??

The very thought itself is mouth watering.

Well, there is more to it. Besides being healthy and yummyliscious, the Kellogg’s breakfast recipe can also be per the day. Don’t believe me? Well, just have a look at the varieties created by Mrs. Shalu Gupta:

  1. Best Family wala Nashta    
  2. Celebration wala Nashta
  3. BFF wala Nashta
  4. Movie wala Nashta
  5. Chup Karane wala nashta   
  6. Guest ko impress karne wala nashta
  7. Woh wala Nashta   
  8. Tiffin wala Nashta 
  9. Passing the parcel wala Nashta
  10. Smile wala Nashta
  11. Remote wala Nashta
  12. First crush wala Nashta           
  13. Nakhre wala Nashta 
  14. Jagah banana wala nashta
  15. Homework wala Nashta
  16. Sanskaar wala Nashta
  17. Chugli wala Nashta
  18. Line Pe Lane Wala Nashta

With so many huge options for breakfast, all my heart wants now is an invitation to the Gupta’s House.

Guptaji...Nashte par kab bula rahe ho?? ;)

If you want to eat healthy food then follow Kellogg's India.  Check out new recipe here.

Watch this video and start drooling

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