Friday, March 6, 2015

Dry baby, happy baby

There's no doubt that motherhood is the best thing in my life. It's all that really matters. Motherhood is that phase of life which makes a woman complete. I am a proud mom of twin’s baby boys. Both are extremely naughty, and keep my day busy. As a mother, I am their shield and I easily know about what they likes and dislikes.

My boys are very close to me and we share some precious moments with each other. My tiredness and fatigue disappears in a minute when I see my baby smiling faces.  There are few things which I regularly follow to make sure that my baby feels energetic and fresh.

Apart from play with water at the time of bathing, both love playing with their favorite teddy bear makes my cute little angle very cheerful. My elder son is started talking and he love to talk with his soft toy.  Both only need their toys they forgets everything. Hence, I make sure to take their toys everywhere we go so that in case both gets cranky.

All these happy moments of my baby are possible because of the dry diaper. Diaper plays a very important factor when it comes to baby’s happiness. A baby will never feel happy and active if its diaper is not good. Wet diaper spoils the happiness of the child. I always prefer Pampers baby dry pants which keep my baby fresh and dry and my baby is always active and can enjoy and have fun with us. A dry diaper also helps my baby to sleep peacefully at nights and he would wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

I want to share my experience with all young mom’s I have been using Pampers since birth and I can say with certainty that a dry baby means a very happy baby. Happy babies mean happy families because there's no crying because of a wet bum. If you haven't tried these new designs then you're totally missing out! These new diapers are now more absorbent and lasts up to 12hours without needing to be changed. That surely makes night time sleeping much easier because now baby won't be up in the middle of the night needing a diaper change.

All I know is, since we started using Pampers Baby Dry, I’ve not had to change one sheet. both been dry and happy every morning. Which is great because I don’t like to have anything between me and squeezing this little muffin first thing. Not even a diaper change.

A dry baby = a happy baby and a happy baby = a happy family.  Therefore, when baby wakes up dry, it’s party time! So what are you waiting for? Show off those dance moves and get moving today!

For more detail watch this video.

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