Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Start A New Life ...

“Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

In very few words George Bernard Shaw explain what life is exactly.  Life is all about changes. Some changes are for good makes us independent, while some teach us a lesson of life.  So changes are an integral part of our life. I belong to the middle class family and small town in the Maharashtra, life was pretty much the same since childhood. My life changed altogether when I moved to the Bangalore for my higher studies. Bangalore is metro city culturally very different from my city. Emotionally also difficult for me to adjust and stay there alone, I was a home sick that time. The decision of moving to Bangalore was totally mine, so I have to adjust with different people, different language and different culture altogether.  After finishing my masters I got job in MNC. My world was completely changed; I will grow up to face the world finally.

I love my job and I was doing great in my job. I was staying at hostel and then shift with my office colleague. It was my dream to have my own house, my colleague suggest me some good venture of housing project. I was in doubt before investing my money as I heard lot about real estate fraud cases.  So I do the proper inquiry about the broker before investing my hard earns money. Fortunately I got a beautiful flat near to my office area, it was under construction and broker promise me that he handover me the keys in next 12 months. 

But unfortunately, after six month the broker died in a road accident, I was in terrible shock, I do feel sorry for the broker family but at the same time I feel that my hard earned money went into the drain.  The building construction work also stopped.  I went into depression and it started affecting my job and health. I was not able to focus on my work. This is the exact time to accept the change, and take it as a challenge; I started working harder and kept myself busy.

My parent taught me have a faith and never give up, everything will be fine with time. And one fine day I got a call from builders wife that after her husband’s sudden death she was facing so much financial problems but now everything is fine and she starts all the pending projects, and she also promise me that I got my flat with a few month.  She also tells me that she start one new Villa project in different area, if I am interested I can have Villa at the price of flat. It was a true bumper offer. After a lot of downfall in life, it was time to celebrate.  I never thought I would be able to buy a villa of my own. 

Well! A person needs courage to take a bold decision. And I did and now this decision had changed my life completely. Now I feel, taking a decision of moving to Bangalore, then buying a house has been a change for good and I feel proud of accepting the change. So #StartANewLife  with the changes in life.

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