Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi League.....

The word Ek Nayi League  itself suggests that this is full of surprises and not for the ones who play with their hearts. Kapil Dev, a name which is taken with great respect by all generations as we talk of the legend himself. An International career spanning 16 years of bowling on Indian pitches and Indian conditions, a then world record 434 wickets and over 5000 runs make you the best All-rounder ever we had in that era. You have taught all the youngsters how to use brains over heart, but still give your best when you returned from a knee injury and played till retirement without missing a single Test or ODI Such was your determination that you played cricket with a changed bowling style  for the next 10 years. No other bowler has survived and played after the hammering on the knees one gets in Indian playing conditions. You managed to do so because you were not playing just with heart, but used brains to effectively swing the ball. The famous outswingers and the inswinging Yorkers are something which the world will remember for years to come, and who can forget the unbeaten 175 you scored during a world cup match? It’s sad that the match was not covered due to a strike else we would have got to see some exemplary shots today which would have helped many youngsters.  Kapil Dev, the former captain of Team India and the first captain to guide India to its first ever World Cup win in 1983 has now come up with a new league that has got the right mix of suspense in it even before it was completely out.  The details for now are kept hidden as the legend himself thrown it out at the audience to guess what kind of league this could be.

There are only  few video clips are good enough to predict on what the show is all about. EK NAYI LEAGUE. Though you have created suspense about the whole thing and no one knows what it would be all about, what we all can do is guess what is the whole thing all about. So, in my point of view, I actually think, this could be kind of face-off with the legend. I personally feel that since Kapil Dev has been associated with not just cricket, but Sports as a whole, this would be a quiz show a Quiz league which will involve all Sports people. This league will have an entirely new format where the game will be based on using brains and not any of your playing  skills and that’s the precise reason why he has been warning all of them in his videos that if they play with their heart then they would lose their wicket meaning they would lose the round or the entire game. Since he have an immense knowledge base at your disposal I am very much sure the questions will be very tricky and it may appear that they are very easy but end up being tough ones if one does not use his head. There would be knock-out rounds like the league matches and the top scorers will move to the quarter finals, semi finals and the finals ultimately. 

Not really sure if a show of similar kind has come in the recent past, but I personally think #EkNayiLeague will be of whole lot of fun for people who watch and also for the ones who make it to the hot seat. Choosing Twitter as the platform, Kapil Dev stresses on following him on Twitter so that people don’t miss out on the most important updates. So, it means, there is a chance for common man to make it count.

Wish the Kapil Dev  and his team all the very best for #EkNayiLeague.
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Do let me know your ideas about what you think this Nayi League can be.I am excited to hear all of your guesses too!

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