Friday, June 12, 2015

#ComeCloser to Radiant Skin

Hi Everyone,

As you all follow me on my too many social media platforms you will already know that I am a fashion enthusiast, fitness freak and very much conscious about my skin care. As u all know I am mother of twins boys, I was facing so many skin problem after post pregnancy. But I overcome all those problem with some simple ingredient which is easily available in our kitchen. 

Looking beautiful is every woman’s dream. We are all girls fascinated with a healthy and radiant skin. And everyone can easily achieved it by following proper beauty regime. If we follow proper and healthy food, exercise and try to be stress free then one can defiantly have a beautiful radiant skin.

I grew up in the 90's, watching the beautiful TV commercial of VICCO. 

Vicco turmeric, nahi cosmetic, Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream......
Keel muhaason ko jad se mitaye, haldi chandan ke gun isme samaye...
tvacha ki raksha kare ayurvedic cream....
Vicco turmeric ayurvedic cream.

Vicco product are actually a best solution for our multiple skin problem. It cures pimples, remove extra oil and keep face fresh. They used all ayurvedic medicine in there product, all natural ingredients. Vicco inspired by ancient Ayurveda method. So using Vicco product is the is a best way to #ComeCloser to naturally radiant skin.

I am going to share with you some very easy and beauty tips of my grandma to #ComeCloser to Radiant Skin.

1. Use Milk to clean your face. It's a best Natural Cleanser.Not only does it remove every impurities from our face, but also leaves it radiant and hydrated. It is an excellent and only method to get rid of sun tan.

2. Have a healthy food. Eat vegetables and fruits.

3. Drink lots of water, atleast 10-12 glass in day. It will help to dehydrat the skin.

4. Sleep well. Our body and mind certain time to relax. When we sleep our skin will be rejuvenate.

5. Get up Early. Now a days our lifestyle has changed drastically, we became so modern, our working culture is like we have to do late night shifts, weekend parties, exhaustive travels. Its cause dull skin, and many other problems. As we all know early riser gets the best of Mother Nature, so try to rise early.

6. Always use coconut oil to remove makeup naturally. And also use Rose Water its a best natural toner.

As we all know the best Ayurvedic product available in the market it is a "VICCO Turmeric Cream". Now Vicco launched its new natural product in the market called “Vicco Turmeric Cream with Foam Base” it helps in curing skin infections and rashes also best in skin. It also cure pimple and blackheads. 

I Hope all of you and specially young mom will find my tips helpful and interesting.

Watch the video below:

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