Saturday, January 17, 2015

Morning With No Pimple .... Thanks to Garnier Pure Active Neem

After having twins my skin totally change, sometimes it was very dry and sometimes it was very oily. I never had a pimple in my college days, and due to this extra oil I was very much worried about pimple problem. And one morning I notice three pimple on my face. I started crying and don’t understand what to do with this problem. I call my gynaecologist and tell her I am started having pimple on my face, she make me clam down and tell me its common to have a pimple sometimes. 

My grandmother understand and follow the traditional ayurveda knowledge ,and she told me for oily skin Neem is the only ideal remedy. She also told me how in old days  people would grind the neem leaves and apply it on face. And this will keep their faces glowing and pimple free.

But who has got so much time these days?  Being a twins mom is a 24/7 job, I hardly get a time for myself. Then my Mom suggest me if you don’t have a time to make a home based neem face wash then why don’t you try Neem based facewash available in the market?  I love this idea. Garnier is an extremely reliable name in the Indian beauty and skincare market, So I bought this Garnier Pure Active Neem facewash

While we talked with my Mom more about it over cup of coffee, I order my Garnier PureActive Neem Face Wash. And, yes it was very useful. After I started using this, I have noticed a huge difference to my skin. In just two days, my pimple was light and it could easily be covered with powder. And within some more days of regular days, it went away without leaving any spot behind. I feel like a top of this world. After a few day I wake up in a one fine morning and found there is no pimple on my face. Garnier Pure Active Neem is work like a magic wand for me. 

I want to tell how to use this, just take a pea sized amount and apply directly on damp face while massaging gently avoiding the eye contour area. Wash it off thoroughly. Use ATLEAST twice a day. 

I am strongly recommend this to all young mom who also facing the same pimple problem like me, Gals it removes impurities and fights germs, It fights pollution, removes dirt and cleans the pores and tightens them. Removes excess oil from the skin and makes you feel refreshing throughout the day. Regular use prevents pimples. And last but not the least it's great value for money.

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  1. cool cream! have to give it a try!!