Saturday, January 31, 2015

Get Quikr NXT!

I am a tech savvy mom of twins baby boys. And I am very much thankful to the Quikr CEO and founder Pranay Chulet that he launches such a wonderful website where we can sell and buy our used stuff. They also have an App. For me it’s a true blessing, I sell my boys stuff, their walker, toys and so on. My experience with this site is wonderful.  Its Mumbai-based online classifieds website. 

Recently I saw on a new channel where they announced the launch of a new feature, called Quikr Nxt. The new service allows users to chat. The main purpose of this is to bring buyers and sellers together on its online platform. I personally like their privacy protocol where user can hide their contact no and email id. But it allows buyers to message sellers without a phone number. Both can do chat as per their own convenience.

User can use this instant chat messaging service on desktop and mobile as well. Its free app is available on Android and other platforms. Earlier, the website allowed their users to check the products online and close the deals by interacting through calls or email.

The best feature of this messenger is it also allows parallel chat sessions with multiple users, saved chat histories for future reference, notifications for offline users and users can also share additional images and details through the chat window. This is very consumer friendly and user can discuss everything regarding product before buying and selling anything.  That’s why it’s called Quikr Nxt.
I am very much sure that this feature will transform India's online classifieds market as it enables users to communicate with each other at their own convenience and request more details about the product or service, without requiring a single phone call. This new service, was tested in ten cities over the past month, and has shown a remarkable performance for the deals that are struck on the online platform. 

As a proud user of Quikr, I can say this features would be a first for any online classified site in India.
In new channel they also say, the company is planning launch a ‘Quikr Nxt’ programme which will help buyer and sellers work through the logistics aspect of delivering the product is also on the anvil. approximately 80% of the traffic coming in from mobile App, the company is looking to grow the business over five times in the coming year.

This Quikr Nxt Messaging service offers flexibility to its users and also shortens the time required for buying and selling of goods and services while ensuring it doesn't impact privacy of the users.

My 3 reason why I would prefer chat over a phone call.

  • As a Mom its better for me to chat over phone call coz whenever I attend any call, my babies               want my cell for play. Its best way to keep your babies away from mobile.
  • I usually keep my mobile on silent mode as its ringing disturb my kids, now we have this new             chat messenger so I can chat with the buyer as per my convenience.
  • This new chat messenger service is true blessing for mother like me who want to keep their                children away from mobile, coz kids don’t understand the disadvantage of mobile they think it             just a toy. So with this new facility I can chat when my kids sleep. Thanks a lot Quikr Nxt.

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