Friday, January 23, 2015

Cupid Games 2015

In my childhood I heard a saying that “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die at old age, but they die young.”  And I strongly believe this. This year is very special for me as I am going to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary in coming valentine month and decide to give a big and quite bold surprise to husband, my valentine.

There comes a time in your life when, even if you enjoy being single, you meet the guy that makes your heart beat faster. There is no right or wrong time to fall in love – it just happens. And then, all you want is to be around him. This is exactly I feel when I meet my love and God is very kind to me as he is my life partner now.

Valentine week is about to started. But Love is already in air. My phone is continuously ringing and since morning I got a Whatsapp message from friend asking me what is my plan for this valentine. I keep telling my friends that I am not an expert or love guru to give some tips about how to propose someone.

I am planning to take my husband on romantic dinner date. Why dinner date coz a way to my hubby’s heart is only through his stomach (just kidding). But seriously my hubby is foodie so dinner date is the best for me to share my feeling with him. Well I don’t need to wait for a special occasion to spend a romantic evening with your husband, It just because the occasion is special, so I also want to plan something special for him.

I decide to play some simple cupid games with my hubby, this is the time to Turn out the lights and turn the romance ON. I will make a video cal to him and ask him what his plan is for the evening then ask him for dinner date, and also request him to come home early so we can spend some quality time together. I will book table for two in his favourite restaurant with music and dance and menu of his choice. Meal starts with wine, end with dessert and after dinner we went to the romantic movie.  Celebrate life together because for me that is what valentine is all about.

We can all fall in love plenty of times, but fall in love with the same person that is what we call love. And in my case I fall in love with my hubby, father of my twins every day.

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