Friday, February 27, 2015

Get a better Car with Quikr NXT!

I bought my first car after started working, it was a Maruti Alto. I love my car and I travel to my office in Maruti Alto. Initially the car was working very smoothly and I was very satisfied with my car but with the time, my car has become old and also facing many problems. I was using it from last 8 years. So many times there were situations when my car had broken down in the middle of the road. As a girl handling such situation is bit a difficult. I also spent huge amount for repairing my car, my mechanics have also suggested me to buy a new car coz the maintenance of my car was out of my budget.  I contacted the local used car dealer, and told him that I want to sell my old car and buy a new used car. I have clearly told him my requirements which my current car not fulfil.  I want a car which should be more spacious and gives better mileage.  One of my friend suggest me to check online, she told me now a days, there are variety of cars available on Quikr NXT.  This is the easiest way to choose a car for myself and replace my existing car, instead of going to local used car dealer.

When I check the website there are too many options, I just go crazy to see all those cars comes under my budget. If I were to choose a better car from Quikr NXT as compared to my existing car, I would not think twice. Quikr is the best place to buy second hand products as all the items available on the site are 100% genuine. There are certain factors which I would keep in mind to buy a car:

1.Location : Seller should reside in the same city. I would check the location of the seller. The seller should be stay nearby my place.
2. Car Status : For me outer look is very important factor, I would check the colour. The colour should be elegant and matches my personality. There are many other factors which are also important like details of its owner, kilometre driven, date of the purchase of the car, model number, and vehicle insurance. 
3.Car Condition:  I would also check the previous history of the car, like how many people used to drive it. Current condition of the car and if it satisfies all my need, I would defiantly buy the car.

How I always wished for a neat and fair place where people like me could personally meet people with similar interests and make the fair deal without an intermediary like a dealer who only interested in their commission. Quikr NXT is such a wonderful online portal where I am now sell my old stuff and buy as per my requirement. I always prefer Quikr NXT for buying things as it is the most reliable site and it has also got some extraordinary Chat features.

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