Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bedtime Rituals

After being a mom I actually learn to value sleep. I am blessed with the twin’s boys Shourya and Naksh. When I was pregnant who ever come to see me give me advice regarding bed time rituals of babies, some people sounds really scary they sounds like a nightmare. Eventually when I have my twins, I learn lot of things from my own experience, since then my only advice to all young moms is every baby is different and his bedtime habits are also different, as a mother we have to recognise it and apply it to make our child comfortable and sleepy. 

I am a mother of fraternal twins; both of my son’s are different from each other so their sleep time is also different, so I have to apply two different bedtime rituals with each one. I am still struggling to find out what is the best thing for my babies to have a sound sleep. Sleep can be an emotional issue for the whole family. Kids are so energetic and at the time of night they are supercharged they want to continue the fun. They want to play with their parents. They may also have some fears about being alone in the dark room or away from loved ones. 

Here I am sharing Bedtime Rituals that work for me. 

Brush teeth: I used to brush my babies teeth before going to bed. It’s important to start the tooth brushing habit as early as possible, so your baby gets used to it. But over time it will also help to send your body "go to sleep" signals. This is very basic thing all parents can do for their babies’ oral health.

Bath: A warm bath is very helpful to make babies relaxed. This is summer time so I used to do this every night. Change the diaper and wear them new Pampers Baby Dry Pants. Babies feel very comfortable in this new dry pants.

Say goodnight: Teach your babies to say “Good Night” to each other, the stars, the moon, and the teddy bear -- let your child lead the way.

Keep activity low-key. Don't over stimulate your baby right before bedtime. Removing toys will be a strong signal for babies and they have to understand that it's time to quiet down.

Lullaby: Sing or hum your babies’ favourite lullaby.  Or read a favourite book. This method is very helpful for all moms. Music actually works magical. It’s really working within a few minutes.

Always be flexible with your kids. If your child is sick or going through a stressful time, it's perfectly okay to bend the bedtime rules a little. For instance, a gentle back rub or you might want to read one extra story. Just be with your kids till sound sleep.

These are my bedtime rituals that take place every night in my home. Each of these contribute their part in helping my Shourya and Naksh to have a good sleep and wake up with a fresh mind and mood and spreads love and smiles in our lives.

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