Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mother To a Twin Toddlers...

I still remember those days of my pregnancy when my loving and experience mom would tell me, “Sleep all you want to, for once the babies comes and sleep will be a history”. Seriously I want to forget those nightmare days of breastfeeding and diaper changing”. And as I twins boys, the task has been double.

I always wonder why those ladies lie to me that they enjoy a lot breastfeeding and diaper changing and think it’s an easiest part. Now my twins Shourya and Naksh are 1 and ½ year old, both grow up with two different personalities with strong like and dislikes, especially about food. One day both like a certain food and next day they won’t. If I feed them forcefully they make a face and started crying. Though I go by the famous saying that a baby can never stay hungry, there are times when I doubt this. Because my two naughty son’s Shourya and Naksh is more than happy to go without food if it’s not their favorite food.

Bathing Shourya and Naksh is another herculean task. Both doesn’t want to bathe at all and both doesn’t want to come out of the bathroom and continue playing with water and their bath toys. Shourya always behave like a good boy at the time of bath, he hold his bath toy and play with it. But Naksh he is too much, he loves to play with water and make me wet too. 

As time passes, I realize my job is not only to feed, bathe or play with my little one, but a lot more. My Mind is awake for 24/7. I need to be a magician for quickly hiding anything objectionable (car keys, mobile phone etc) under my ample bottom or the pillow or any place where she will not look for. I need to be a master story teller (ok, a liar, if you please) to distract Shourya and Naksh.  I need to constantly innovate and evolve because my babies are growing smarter with each day. And on top of it all, I need patience. 

So that’s my life as a mother to a twin toddlers…so many jobs rolled into one.


  1. Once you are mom, the word "Rest" becomes history.....true..

  2. Awww...Shourya and Naksh are choo chweet !
    I always have dreamed of having twins but i know its double work !
    Nice post dear!

  3. Hey Ananya thats a lot dear. Having twins means double work with double Joy... once again thanks a lot... :)