Monday, April 14, 2014

Mango Time....

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“I LOVE MANGO”. Everything comes in this statement.Title sound really very tempting. I am proudly accepting this that I love mango fruit very much. Mango filled my childhood with very beautiful memories. I still remember how my grand father we three used to call him "PAPPA" brought mango for us, teach us how to make a juice out of it, how we all brother and sister use to enjoy mangoes and learn how to make a mango juice called “Aamras” from “Pappa”. Ohh how badly I want to go back to my childhood I can't explain in few words, those were really a golden days of my life. Today I miss PAPPA so much. I know His love and blessing are always with us.

I remember in my childhood mom once take all of us to my Badi Mummy’s place for summer vacation, its small village in Bhandara District called Sukdi, were my Bade Baba and badi mummy stays. He was a farmer and have mango tree garden were we all enjoy fresh mangos. We were stay there for a week, every morning my Bade Baba take us to the farm, were so many mango trees filled with green and yellow mangos. I remember the sweet and fresh smell of those mangos, it make me very nostalgic. Last month we lost our Bade Baba, its a big shock for whole family. I remember his smiling and content face, is hard working and positive attitude toward life. 

Last year in summer my babies were 9 month old and I stared to feed him with some solid food including fruit juice. Both Shourya and Naksh loves mango like me and enjoy mango juice. I use to give them mango juice daily, sometimes twice in a day. I wanna tell this to all mom’s that mango juice is very good for babies health, it will help to gain weight and babies enjoys its taste too. Its a wholesome baby food. Mango rich with vitamin A,C,K,E and rich source of potassium.

I am planning to start a new page about baby food recipes in my blog. Now working on it. Need all my readers wishes. Thanks.


  1. I love Mangoes too :)
    Best thing about summer :)

    1. It is Anita. Mango is the best thing about Summer.... :)

  2. I too love mangoes.. I too wrote a post on mangoes just yesterday...:)