Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rainy Rainy Days.....

This year there is a heavy rain all over Maharashtra, flood situation in so many districts, and our city, “CHANDRAPUR” was also not the exception, we also facing this problem. On 19th July 2013 cloud burst in the afternoon. It was Friday, I, my mom, my aaji and my two little twins was at home, Dad was in his bank and my brother Manas was in his college. It was very heavy rain which I ever seen in my life. Fortunately our house is quite on high so we all were safe, but rain water was going inside to some of our neighbor houses. Those people facing lot of problem.

Well apart from that me and my babies Shourya and Naksh actually enjoy the rain and lightning too. They laugh a lot and after that had a sound sleep. I also click some pics of this unforgettable moment.  I, mom and my aaji are worried about my dad and my brother. As there is a heavy rain outside and we just think how both of them reach home, as all the roads are filled with water. But unexpectedly the rain was stopped within the 3 hour and slowly slowly all the roads were clear. One scary thing happen that day my brother Manas came home in that heavy rain by driving his bike, it’s really very risky coz water level on road is up to 5’5 feet, when he sit on his bike, the was completely under water, he is not able to see his bike. This is very risky stunt he has done, we all scold him a lot and tell him not to do this again. It’s a God grace nothing will happen to him.

And other side my Dad, his bank also filled with water, our one and only car was also filled with water tills the half of tiers. Dad’s bank was shut down in afternoon as rain water was every were, but all the employee has to wait inside the bank only as there is 4 feet water on the roads. So all of them decided to do “Pakoda Party”. We all have learned how to enjoy in difficult situation.

So Dad reached home in the evening around 5.30 to 6 pm. I am very thankful to God that my family was safe. Well we all can say this that all well that ends well.


  1. hi, nice to connect to you through indiblogger....im from ur neighboring city of Nagpur....! and a mommy of two too!

  2. Hi the little princess really nice to meet you. We will be in touch... :)