Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Walk.........

My babies started walking now, feeling very happy, my Shourya and Naksh growing up so fast can’t believe, time is just flying. Both hold each other’s hand and walk from one corner of sofa to another, talk with each other in baby language. It’s fun to watch them.

I bought new walker for them. Shourya and Naksh enjoy setting in walker, when I put them in walker they feel like a king and run all over the room, go to the kitchen’s door and cal my Mom, it’s just delightful to eyes.

Few months before Shourya and Naksh are such a small babies, I can hold them in my arms and now they are independent and running in the house.

A mom is also grown up with kids. This change teaches you lot of things and make you a better person. And I just love this.


  1. Congrats. Great feeling. I've captured my daughters first walk few months back :)

  2. Wow Congratulations..Hope your babies get all the happiness.. :-)

  3. Thanks Jahid its really a great feeling to see our baby first walk. Plz share u r baby pic too... :)

  4. Thanks Allresourceupdates for u r lovely comment