Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fussy Eating Habits...

All parents face this problem Fussy Eating Habits, sometimes it’s difficult to deal with, young and new mom don’t know how to handle this and became panic.

Almost all the small babies are going through this phase of fussiness. I am also facing this problem, my babies Shourya and Naksh also a fussy eater. After become Mom I realize this feeding babies is the most difficult task. As I had twins for me it’s an endless task, both Shourya and Naksh have different taste and from such a small age both are showing very strong likes and dislikes regarding food.

I wanna tell all new Moms that deal this fussiness positively. Try to feed your babies different flavors this will help to lay foundation for healthy eater and make them open to all new tastes.

Eating time is always challenging time for all mothers. Mom must make sure the baby is not filling their tummy with drinks just before meal. Mom should learn to recognize when your baby has had enough sign including, refuse to open their mouth, turning their head, pushing spoon, bowl away. All moms must understand this and stop feeding babies. Try to add variety of food with textured, taste and color.

Sometimes I become very anxious about the eating habits of Shourya and Naksh. I want to develop good eating habits so they can have healthy childhood.


  1. Hahaha..My mom still says me that I troubled her a lot with all these habits..
    Nice Read.. :-)

  2. Very difficult to feed toddlers. I have a hard time when my wife is not at home sometimes :)