Friday, December 5, 2014

YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex

Thinking back to my teenage days, I still remember how taboo the subject of sex was. The forbidden sex talk made the act that much more daring. We gals even not allowed talking to boys. I remember when I sang all the racy lyrics to pop songs and whispered about the three-letter-word whenever I got the chance. There was also something shameful about openly talking about sex – whether marital or premarital.

Premarital sex is morally acceptable because it is no one's business but the couple's. It's a normal and natural desire and to stigmatize it is judgemental and unfair. It doesn't harm anyone outside of the couple and society is changing that marriage isn't necessary any more and it's unrealistic to think there would be millions of abstinent and chaste adults.

This day in age, premarital sex is totally acceptable. Now that being said I'm not advocating going out and sleeping with as many people as possible, but it is absolutely ok to have sex with a person that you care about or are in a committed relationship with. Sex isn't just for reproduction; it can be a totally amazing and satisfying experience under the right circumstances. Human sexuality is big part of relationships and if you don’t experience it how will you ever find what you like? What if you end up marrying a person you are totally not sexually compatible with...? 

All people in our society hold different morals. Some morals are influenced by religion, by family and friends, and by personal experience. Personal experience, a lack of trust in religion, and a liberal-minded family life have all led me to believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with premarital sex. In any sexual activity (premarital or marital), one has to be health-conscious and emotionally-conscious in order to have a healthy experience. On another note, not all people want to marry or are legally able to marry, and this should in no way impact their moral right to sexual expression. Sexual expression is a universal need for all people.

With whom a person chooses to engage in sexual relations with should be considered one of the most basic personal liberties. Considering that sex is one of the most intimate forms of contact between persons, it should therefore be subject to no one else's opinions beyond those engaging in the act. Frankly, the reasons so many people have moral issues against premarital sex relate to religious or cultural bias; the institution of marriage itself being religious in nature. In a modern world where we have respect for each other's race, culture, religion, gender, and a host of other aspects of their person, we should also have the utmost respect for their choice of when and with whom they choose to share their physical bodies with. As long as people are of legal age and perform their actions in privacy, what they do and when they do it should be of no consequence to anyone other than themselves.

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