Saturday, December 13, 2014

Rise above fear!

“Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it.” By Bill Cosby. Today I read this very inspirational quote about fear. Fear is the root cause of most negative responses, from sniping to jealousy to corporate backstabbing to terrorism. Some people know it as a gnawing, oppressive spectre, forever prowling in the pit of their stomach. Others are more familiar with the fluttering butterfly effect that can keep a person on edge for days on end.  What we all know is that it's ever present, in our homes, our neighbourhoods and our workplaces, slowly diminishing our lives, and hindering many of us from happily living our dreams.

Unwanted or unexpected life changes are a common cause of fear. People fear forces that diminish the sense of control over life – but the bottom line is: each person has the right to accept or reject outer forces as a weapon against personal progress, and each person is blessed with the capacity to react in his or her own way.

Let's face it: If you're human you have most likely experienced a fear of death at one time or another in your life -- or else you may have been in complete denial of your fear and repressing it. That's because the fear of death is normal for us Earthlings -- we have a survival instinct that motivates us to avoid death-inducing situations.

Lets we all try to follow this simple steps to overcome over fear.

1.  Think about it.
2.  Read about it.
3.  Learn about it.
4.  Write about it.
5.  Work with it.
6.  Talk about it.

No matter which approach you choose to help you rise above your fear of, you will benefit a great deal from working through that fear. You will be able to contemplate all of the aspects of life, from birth through death, with less anxiety and you will experience increased peace of mind about all of life's uncertainties.

Analyse fear like a thinker: “Why am I afraid?” You can then either reject fear entirely with laughter at the genuine smallness of the problem within the grander scale of life, or you can take logical steps toward comfort.

Live your life and dreams knowing that some other people won’t understand what you are doing, that struggle is really a way for you to become stronger and that anything is possible when you remember who you really are. Let go of who you are not and dwell in possibility.

My biggest fear was to confront my feelings, Believe me it wasn't easy for me! It was difficult for me to express myself with proper words, Believe me my hands shook pretty hard and my voice shaken more that I am usually comfortable with and I did choke on few or well say many words but I did confront my feelings and I am more than glad, I did make confession and honestly I don’t know if I have claimed victory yet but I am at least somewhere which is better than nowhere and working hard for the things to work out. And I just hope people don’t misunderstand me.

While you readers are all charged up, I want to boost it a bit more with this awesome mountain dew movie.

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