Thursday, March 6, 2014

First Time Watching Rain...

Shourya and Naksh standing in the window and watching and enjoying the rain, its just delighted to see both, Both screaming and running in excitement.

On 1st march there was a unexpected heavy rain in chandrapur, since morning it was a cloudy atmospheres and we all are just guessing about the rain fall.

In my childhood I don’t like rain at all as it was a school time, vacation had been over and regular school was started, later I went to college that time I was quite OK with rain as I was understand its important in our life, but still rain disturb my routine which I don’t like.

When I was pregnant in December 2011  and my doctor told me my due date is 29 Aug 2012, my mom became very panic as she worried more about wet cloths, well jocks apart, as far my experience rainy season is quite unhealthy for babies as there were so many contagious virus in the air.

As my babies so much in hurry  to see this big world, they came one month before on 29 July. When shourya and Naksh was born there were no rain for first three days and after that there was a continues rain fall.

When I hit my teens that time I learn more about nature and I started appreciated it and understand its importance also, since them the extreme condition of nature not at all bother me much.

When I was pregnant I always think about how my babies will take the natures, where they like it or not. But I was decided I will make my babies nature love and make them sensitive towards nature. And on 1st march Shourya and Naksh actually experiencing the first rain of their life, both enjoy a lot, both were standing near the window and saw rainfall and lighting and there was no fear of sound and light, both actually laugh, clap and run here and there. Its really a happiest moments for mother to see her kids also appreciate the things which she like. I always had this little fear in my mind that this “BORN FOR INTERNET” generation only hang around with gadgets and its difficult to get along with mother nature, but my shourya and Nakash prove me wrong.

But now I am happy to see that Shourya and Naksh are nature lover too.  I try to capture both of them in my camera but I can’t as both are running, but somehow I mange to click Naksh. I share that pic with u guys. And I hope like me all young mom wants their children to be nature lover.

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