Monday, March 3, 2014

After Wedding.....

Title sound really funny but this simply explain my state of mind. There was wedding of my younger sister. Since a long time we all are waiting for this big day, I thoroughly enjoy my sis wedding with my Shourya and Naksh, they both enjoy too.

My home was filled with all colorful people, there are some relative whom I met after years, there was a kayos everywhere and in so many people its difficult to manage the twins. Shourya and Naksh love to play with my cosines and not at all interested in having proper food on time and the result was I have to handle cranky twins. But that was actually a special time of my life. I had planned this big since a long but not able to enjoy it according to my planning but no re grate I had enjoy it as my baby plan it.

There was haldi and sangeet function before wedding and my Shourya and Naksh enjoy both the events a lot, it reflect in their dance. I had a guilt in my heart that I was not with my sis for full time but she understand my situation.

Wedding held at the evening and as we reach to the venue, my babies turn crazy they just love the ambiance of the venue, both love open space and started playing and running everywhere around. Both dressed up like a prince, its very delighted to watch them running. Both catches the attention of all guest. It was a time when my all relative first time meet Shourya and Naksh.

Next day was a Bedai ceremony, it was also a busy day for me, my house was filled with guest and there is packing time of Bride and Groom and couple get disturb by shourya and Naksh. But everything was done on time and both where left….. And me and my twins back to the routine life….