Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shopping for Diwali….

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Shopping for Diwali is always very special for me even more than Diwali. It’s feel very nostalgic when I remember my childhood Diwali shopping, how my mom use to take me , my sis and my brother to the chandrapur Gol Bazar, one of the market place where we use to go, how “Pappa” my grandfather bought crakers for all of us when we were kid, and it distribute equally among all three of us. Oh God…. I want to go back to my childhood again…..

My mom bought Diya’s for Diwali decoration and me and my younger sis used to paint and decorate it with glass and some other decorative items. It’s complete fun, you never forget how you play with color in your childhood.

On Diwali night we lighten our house with all Diya’s which we painted, then my sis draw rangoli then we do puja and me and my sister visited our neighbor place take their blessing and give them prasad.That time we used to celebrate diwali for complete 5 days.

This year its very simple diwali as Shourya and Naksha are very young and sound of crackers also not good for babies.Soon my sister is getting married may be next year she will celebrate this festival with her own family.its very emotional time for all of us.But this year also whenever I get time I go for shopping with her.with time we grow up our priority changes but the love and bonding we share in our childhood which remain in our heart forever .

I believe my Shourya and Naksh share the same bonding with each other and when they grow up they will have very strong brotherhood feeling.


  1. Nice thats u said not to crackers :-)

  2. That is lovely :) festivals do bring families together.

  3. Awesome photographs! Diyas! Floral Rangolis! Wah! When will Diwali come again!

  4. You have an amazing blog.
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