Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Real Togetherness......

As a tech savvy Mom I am always busy with facebook and twitter. Every day is very long and busy day for me and till late evening I became a dead tired, but whenever possible I try to find out some free time for my friends, we all arrange a get together to make our self distressed. We always have loads of stuff to talk about and yet, I regret our last ‘get-together’ a few days ago. I can’t forget how we wasted the entire party time by busying ourselves with our respective “Smartphones”. Though we all were together physically, but unfortunately we were lost in our so called virtual world. One was playing “Candy Crush” while a few were chatting on FB or whatsapp. 

I still remember couple of year’s back I have to shift to some other city for my job. As a homesick it was tough time for me. But I must admit this Life always teach you a lessons. And the favourite one - you will know the value of something when you are far away from it. That time I miss my home and my love once. 

After 2 years when I came back to my city, my home. I was the happiest person in the entire universe. The feeling of being at home it just so awesome. I call all my friends at home and we decide to have a dinner together, and we all started the preparation. My mom is the best cook in the world and we all help her in the cooking. I am not the best cook but for sure a best help. I cut all the vegetables and also help in making salads. Few of my friends quickly cut the onions and garlic and red and green chillies. My younger sister makes a best Halwa. I had helped her cutting dry fruits and also do table arrangements. We all love the dessert.

We had a lovely time at the dinner table. Some of my friends share their office stories. It was a full fun time for all of us. For me real togetherness does not come through a social media like Facebook, twitter or WhatsApp but rather going true offline and spending some real time with our family and friends.  Let’s salute this real spirit of togetherness and make sure we do not get lost in the world of smartphones  we must get down to the roots and connect to the real person, by feeling and sharing the real emotions in the real world.

This is the exact message also delivered by Kissanpur. They also emphasize on being with your near and dear ones in real and not digital.

For love of life see

Enjoy this wonderful video created by Kissanpur that motivates all of us towards #realtogetherness in life.


  1. Nice blog.. the pics are so cute.. God bless you and the little one :)

  2. Connecting with the real world definitely gives you more fun