Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home...

A Healthy Child Makes a Happy Home... This is 100% true, as a young mom this is my personal experience when my babies feel healthy, have their meal on time with sound sleep, play, laugh our whole family feel happy actually babies have this super power to turn on everyone in the home and make them laugh along with them.

My shourya and Naksh, my twinkle twins are toddler now; this is a very important age of any child when they try to copy everyone around. They repeat what we say what we do. As a parent, we play an important role in the development of our baby’s brain. We are our baby’s most important connection to the world. We interact daily with our baby. These interactions have a life-long effect on our baby’s ability to reach full potential.

We should make a proper plan and routine for our kids this will defiantly help to maintain a good health of babies. Keeping our child healthy it’s not one day job we have to start very early, I would love to say when a mother conceive a baby from there she must take extra care specially about the food which is directly affecting the child development, if mother have a healthy diet, she have it on time this simple practice surprise her in future with a cute healthy baby. Coming into the world is a very big adventure for babies.  They do not know or understand anything. At first they don't know that you are there to comfort them and feed them and care for them. They are learning all the time, and the job of parents is to help them to know that the world is a welcoming place for them to be in, where their needs will be met and they will learn to feel safe and loved.

I still remember my early days of my motherhood, as I have twins I was facing a double problems, regarding feeding the babies, sleepless night.... long list to discuss. I would like to mention one incident about Naksh when he was just 2 month old infant and one night he was crying continuously coz of gas, he was not able to digest his milk, we all my Mom, Dad, my Grandmother and my brother all tried to make him clam down but he was continuously crying, so in the midnight around 2 am we decide to take him to the hospital, my Dad stay at home to take care of Shourya and my Mom and my Bro came with me. As we reach the hospital, Naksh do potty, his stomach feel relax and he stared smiling, and make all of us happy too. This small incident makes me realize that if babies are happy everyone is happy. 

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