Saturday, May 3, 2014


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Last couple of month I was thinking about an arranging a play date for Shourya and Naksh. As both were growing up so fast so its a right time both get along with other kids too. But arranging play date for my kids is a very difficult task for me, coz in my neighbour there were no kids. So the first task is search the kids who can play with my kids. I was aware that first play date can arrive with some challenges. Like how to share toys and take turns. How to play nicely. And how to be a good host and a good guest. I remember how my babies would always get wriggly with excitement when they spot another member of the stroller set passing by? No doubt about it, children are born social animals. The problem is, they’re not born with social skills. Practice won’t make play date perfect, but it’ll definitely help get your soon-to-be-social-butterfly’s future of friendships off to the right start.

Summer vacation started and some of our relatives drop in our place along with their kids so I think it was a great idea to arrange first play date for Shourya and Naksh with their new friends Kanishk and Tanay. All four boyes are easy to mange I guess. Thankfully Kanishk and Tanay were elder than my Shourya and Naksh so they easily understand my instruction and play carefully with Shourya and Naksh.

Its very important to monitor the play session and keep watch how your baby play with other kids, share the toys and his space. There is simple protocol to handle my kids when they were with other kids is, let them play free, but I keep a constant watch. When all four boys playing together and screaming, running here and there in the room, I click there pics, take a video to make it memorable.

I usually see in play date parents leave there children all alone to play and they get busy in their chat, they never get involved in kids activities. That's not called a play date, its need to involved completely and keep watch on your kids activities. Play dates is the wonderful way to teach your and develop the social skills of your kids. It may not be rocket science, but handling toddler play dates does have its challenges.

Shourya and Naksh behave really well in their first play date. Doing lot of masti, having lots of fun with friends. I click some wonderful pics. Both love their new friends Kanishk and Tanay. Soon we plan the next play date.


  1. my daughter is just starting play dates too...i can relate to what you are saying. but it is such a joy to watch them interact in their little ways and have so much fun :) lovely pictures...looks like they had a blast :)

    1. Thanks Preethi. Yeah Shourya and Naksh had a blast in play date, its difficult to manage naughty twins :)

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