Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Making Mom’s Life Easier…

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As a young and new mom we all were juggling s lot of things to do, thing to remember, things, things and things. I am mom of twin’s boys and only I know how I manage both of them, I learn lot of things from my own mistakes like understanding their eating habits. First thing every mom make habit to write it down when you think of it whether you have a planner in your purse, a smart phone app or little piece of paper you carry around, write down a things you need to remember when think of them. Make a list so that those things can stop stressing you out and having them written down means you’ll be able to find them later when you need to.

I would like to mention here that my babies Shourya and Naksh make me more discipline in my life. I understand that how important it is to have a routine. I wake up early in the morning, do my blog work then exercise after that my babies get up and make me busy in their task. And not only mom babies also need to have a proper routine.

One of the hardest jobs in the world is to be a Mom, even father can’t bare a single day to play the role of a mom, only and only mom can do their job. As a mom we have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill and for that we all need to learn how to manage our time. We need to make a system that should be our routine every day. Making system is simple, putting things in order, if the things are in order there will be less mistakes.

A proper routine system also keeps a mom active and healthy because a happy, active and healthy mom makes great kids.


  1. [ Smiles ] The mother's role is an important one and you seem to be doing rather well at it!

  2. Good one Check my page on fb

  3. Very True! Being a Mom is no cake-walk!
    Nice Shilpa! :)