Monday, September 30, 2013


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There is saying in English “Smile with Style” but for me and my Shourya and Naksh its like a “Smile with Crying”.  Teething is a painful experience for me, as a mom I feel very helpless that I can’t actually help my babies to get rid of this. While some children seem to sprout their first teeth with no problems at all, for others it is a painful and drawn out process.

Shourya and Naksh facing some problem in teething, like other kids, the crankiness is increase in both. Both being unsettled always. My both kids feel biting and sucking anything. Naksh not sleep properly in night and wakeful during day time. This is quite a common symptom’s with all the kids.
Although some of my friends and relative parents claim their babies become feverish or get diarrhoea when a tooth is about to come through, but my doctor according to me he is expert and he that agree teething doesn't cause illness. It is more likely that your child is coming down with a cold, mild flu, or tummy troubles. In this case take a doctor’s advice.

I ask my doctor why my baby’s teething hurts. And he told me that your baby's teeth started developing when he or she was in your womb, when teeth buds were formed in her gums. Now her teeth are trying to push through her gums. This causes her gums to be painful and sometimes swollen. I also ask my doctor what are the best ways to soothe painful gums while my baby is teething. He suggest me few thing which I want to share with all moms.

1.    Giving your baby something cool to bite on can ease the pain.

2.    Rubbing a finger or a cold spoon over your baby's sore gums to numb the pain temporarily.

3.    Giving your baby a teething ring. Solid silicone-based teething rings are recommended over liquid-filled   products, which could leak and cannot be sterilized. You could put the teething ring in the fridge for a while before giving it to your baby.

4.    Using fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, such as cucumber or frozen bananas, as a chewable soother.

5.    Letting your baby chew on hard non-sweetened rusks or oven-hardened bread.

6.    You could also try chilled water in a bottle or, if she prefers, a feeding cup. If she is old enough for solid foods, try offering her cold apple puree or plain yoghurt. There will be times when your baby will reject all of these offerings and, at these moments, a cuddle is the best therapy you can give.

Oral care of babies is bit challenging for all parents. Somehow, the oral care routine demands more attention. All moms know it and when it come to parenting she know the best for her kids. She didn’t develop this expertise overnight. Each day that mom spent caring for her baby made her rich in experience and almost a perfectionist in baby caring.


  1. But I guess the Pain is just for the Moment and everything will be fine after some days,But a Mother's Heart is always a Mother's Heart---They can't see the pain of their children..

  2. Yes Harsha its always difficult to our child in pain...